About Rain Garden Network

The Rain Garden Network was started in 2003 with the intention of bringing simple, proven and inexpensive solutions for local storm water issues to individual homeowners, groups, organizations, and municipalities. The company offers hands-on assistance, information and education services and program development in an effort to help landowners do what they can on their property to protect the water quality of our lakes, rivers, and streams from pollution and reduce the damage done by storm water runoff. Since the company was started we have spoken to thousands of interested people about rain gardens, why they are important and how easy it is to install and grow a rain garden in their yard.

Check out the site and look through the rain garden guides. I think you will like them.

Thanks for your support!

Sue Cubberly, Founder, RGN


When you email us include your name, phone, address (optional) and a short note. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Rain Garden Network is a small company, located in Chicago, IL. We are concerned that most people do not know enough about water issues, specifically non-point source pollution and how they unknowingly contribute to the problem. By making people aware of these issues we are confident individuals will make positive changes.

We hope to fill the gap that is left between policy making and hands-on resources by developing resource options and creating applications to help you pick the right materials, identify your situation and make installation easy. In addition we offer news, interviews and articles about rain gardens and other on-site solutions.


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