More Green Stormwater Alternatives – Downspout Disconnection

There are a number of things that can be done in addition to building rain gardens. By combining some of these proven techniques you may be able to reduce all the runoff on your property.

Take a look and try them out.

Downspout Disconnection
Rain Barrels
Reduced Pavement or Use of Porous Paving Material
Green Roofs
Plant Native Plants
Plant Trees


Downspout Disconnect

Disconnecting your downspout is the most basic thing you can do to protect

Downspout disconnection

Downspout disconnection by Sassafrass Gardens

water quality in your area. During a heavy storm, each downspout on your house can deliver 12 gallons of rainwater a minute to the sewer system. This can contribute to basement backups and enormous amounts of water flowing into the sewer system causing sewer overflows. By simply disconnecting a downspout and allowing the water to flow into your yard or rain garden, you can make a difference in keeping excess water out of the sewer system.

The process will cost you about $15 – $20 in materials and 30 minutes of your time. You’ll need a hacksaw, measuring tape, hammer, screw driver & pliers, sheet metal screws, a downspout elbow, a downspout extension, a splash block and some quick dry cement or a rubber cap.

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