Things You Can Do on Your Property

Taking responsibility for the rainwater on your property is easy. The initial actions you can take are simple and won’t cost a thing. It’s a matter of observing the flow of rainwater off your property and doing simple things to keep it clean and away from the sewer.

The first on-site solution is to reduce the amount of pollutants.

  • Refrain from using herbicides and pesticides
  • If you must use them, read the directions carefully and apply correctly but never apply them before it rains
  • Reduce areas of bare soil so sediment doesn’t flow to the sewer
  • Pick-up and throw away garbage found on the ground
  • Check your car frequently for automotive leaks and material corrosion, such as oil and anti-freeze leaks, tires wear, excessive brake dust, rust, etc.

The second on-site solution is to look at your property and identify where the water goes.

  • Reduce the horizontal movement of water on hard surfaces
  • Direct rainwater to the grass or planted areas
  • Try to keep the rainwater that falls on your property on your property so it doesn’t flow to the street and sewer

The third thing you can do is to install a rain garden to capture and hold rainwater so it can be used later or soaked into the ground slowly. Here are More Stormwater Alternatives.

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