Rain Gardens During Drought

We all know that rain gardens work well during wet times but they also pull their weight when the soil moisture is low.

Deep rooted native plants

The three reasons that go into making a rain garden, shallow depression,native plants and positioned near a runoff source, are the three reasons why rain gardens are great in a drought. If you position your garden near a downspout or driveway the water that would normally flow to the sewer is now going to the rain garden. And the shallow depression keeps that water in the garden so it can slowly soak in the ground. Although the native plant can find moisture deep in the ground via their roots the addition of fresh rainwater is appreciated.

When its dry rain gardens continue to grow well although they may be a few inches shorter than normal and when its wet they may have a growth spurt and become taller. Considering that these gardens have so many benefits, are so maintenance free and require no additional watering it is no wonder why training sessions and installations are continuing.

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