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Since 2003, Rain Garden Network has worked with homeowners, environmental organizations, and municipalities by giving presentations and demonstrating the many benefits of this simple, proven, and inexpensive solution to local stormwater issues.

Today, we have moved our efforts online but we still believe that if homeowners and property owners are given the information, tools, and perhaps funding then local stormwater issues can be reduced and even eliminated.

Our simple ten-step method requires only planning and a limited effort and cost.

Protecting Our Water is a #1 Priority

  • Some of the greatest threats to freshwater are caused by actions that you & I do everyday

  • It’s no longer just industry that causes water pollution

  • This type off pollution is called Non-Point Source Pollution, Polluted Urban Runoff, Stormwater Pollution and Wet Weather Pollution

  • The EPA considers Non-Point Source Pollution to be “nation’s largest water quality problem”

Purple coneflower and blazing star

Plant Native Plants Locally

Plant native plants and trees that need less water

Rain barrel

Rain Barrels

Disconnect your downspouts and add a rain barrel.

Roof top gardens and green roofs

Green Roofs

If you have a flat roof you can create a green roof or use rooftop planters

Clean car maintenance

Car Maintenance

Check for automotive leaks & material corrosion.

porous pavement

Try Porous Pavement

Replace hard surfaces or add porous pavement

Spray bottle of herbicide

Chemical Use

If you use herbicides & pesticides use correctly & never before it rains.

Easy Solutions You Can Do To Combat Non-Source Point Pollution

“Ordinary people are working together to clean up our lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. You can help! Whether you live in a big city or in the country, you can prevent nonpoint source pollution by taking simple actions on your property or in your community.”   ~Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management